Introducing Safeguarding Species

The team at includes celebrity zoologist Dr. Grey Stafford who has followed in the footsteps of Jack Hanna. Like Jack, who is a TV personality and Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Dr. Stafford has spent his career engaging TV audiences through encounters with wildlife. Grey serves as an ambassador for zoological … Continue reading Introducing Safeguarding Species

Celebrity Zoo Professionals

Younger generations may be less familiar with pioneering and iconic zoo media ambassadors like Joan Embery and Marlin Perkins who brought zoo-based conservation initiatives to the forefront via national television. By doing so, these household names exposed the populous to species in peril, which were literally on the brink of disappearing at the time. Many … Continue reading Celebrity Zoo Professionals

Celebrity Zoophiles

Celebrities and public figures usually have the resources to take their children on ecotourism adventures and travel the world with them. More often than not they choose to visit their local zoo or wildlife center as an opportunity for the whole family to learn about nature in an entertaining and engaging way. With kids, hectic … Continue reading Celebrity Zoophiles

Beasts of Burden

Last year, I publicly shared my sentiment about the Danish zoo that euthanized a young healthy giraffe bull as management decision to reduce potential conflict in the Zoo’s giraffe herd. The article was published in National Geographic. It received mixed reviews, as some comments suggested that the institution was merely choosing between a “population management” … Continue reading Beasts of Burden

Captive Orca Welfare

We need to dismiss the misplaced compassion of animal rights activists, again. If you were a killer whale raised by humans and used to daily human contact, would you benefit more from being placed in an expansive 100 million dollar enclosure similar to the provisions you were offered at birth, as a subadult and an … Continue reading Captive Orca Welfare

Transformation of Zoos

I want to introduce a featured radio program segment that recently aired on Australian National Radio that takes a retrospective look and offers a historic account of zoos as they have been transformed over a century’s time.  The program includes commentary from Dr. Michael Hutchins, a friend and esteemed colleague. In recent years, I interviewed … Continue reading Transformation of Zoos